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I’m Sophie, and I’m from Cambridge. Thanks for visiting my website and looking to find out more about me!
I studied Geography at University, and have always been interested in the world around me and the people in it! Technology is definitely a part of this, and I wanted to explore more website creation and development- and here I am!

I can create you a fully responsive, highly functional and attractive website which will enhance your business. This website can be fully customised to cater for your business’ needs. No matter how large or small your business is, I can create a website which reflects its values, priorities and services. We can work together to make this happen for you!

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'Sophie works hard to get every task done to the best of her ability. She is well organised and lovely to work with!'


'Always friendly, Sophie has great communication and is fun to work with'


You can contact me to get started on the process of getting your business online, or just to have an informal chat to see what option would suit you!



Look at the services I offer and what I can do to help your business get online, with a fully functional and responsive website that reflects your brand and business!


Where am I based?

It doesn't matter!
The great thing about freelance web development is that all of my work is online, so we can be in separate cities, countries or continents and we can work together just as good as if we were in the same room.

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